Changing Header Pane and Welcome Pane



I want to make changes to the Workspace UI, in particular I'd like to try remove the preference link in the Header Pane.<br /><br />I'm not sure of the steps I need to follow to do this. My understanding is as follows. After obtaining the Workspace source code I can see that if i comment out the following line in HeaderPane.mxml:<br /><br /><lc:HeaderPaneModel id="headerPaneModel"<br /> state="{currentState}"<br /> sessionMessagesModel="{sessionMessages.model}"<br /> preferencesModel="{preferences.model}" <-- REMOVE THIS<br /> /><br /><br />But I don't know how to recompile the workspace-runtime.swc file, if in fact that is the next step.<br /><br />Can some one point me in the right direction as to how to do this? If there is an adobe document that exist with steps on how to do this that would be great.<br /><br />Already I have successfully modified the Login screen and changed the logos and colours in workspace but this change seems to be alot different.<br /><br />All help would be greatly appreciated.