Boilerplate Fields and text substitution




I'm new to LiveCycle Designer and would appreciate any help on this.

Having used Output Designer for over a year I am used to using boilerplate text fields that allow text substitution with a block of text by using @fieldname. and within the data file to merge with compiled version of the template (.mdf) using ^global fieldname with the value to be merged.

Can this functionality be replicated in LiveCycle Designer?? I've looked through the documentation but can't find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance,

James Gallagher





Yes, the technology in LiveCycle Designer is called a floating field. In the midst of a text block you can put a floatinng field (put your cursor where you want the field to be and on the Insert menu choose Floating Field). This will add a field in the text block signified by {TextFieldName}. Now click on the heirarchy view select the field and set its properties. It is the binding that will map the inbound data to this field.