Bindable vars with data providers



Hey, I've been working on a cross-domain CMS for quite a
while now and am trying to tweak up a couple small problems now. I
have an array collection of objects that is being initiated through
an HTTPrequest. Everything works there, each array item is being
displayed in a datagrid. Once an item is selected in the dg, I want
the values for that specific object to be displayed in text boxes
for editing, etc. However, that object must also be bindable.

So basically, to make this a little more simple. I have
Bindable arrCol1 of objects. I need a seperate Bindable object
which is basically a copy of an item from the array collection. I'm
having difficulties trying to copy the data from a bindable object,
to a temp variable and then to a new bindable object without having
connections. Let me know if I did a bad job explaining.





I think you'll accomplish what you need setting the text
boxes binding with the dg selecteditem as the data provider, then
you wouldn't need to make a copy of the dg dataprovider



Well that's what I was doing at first, but I had problems
with the data in list objects. If I removed or edited an item that
was in the list object, it would update the item in the original dg
collection provider. This is why I figured it would be easier to
just leave the original data provider alone and just make a copy of
the item whenever I want to edit it. When finished editing, the new
info is submitted and the database is updated, then the orig
provider is refreshed fromt he web server.