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Assign Task to Multiple Users


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If anyone is in the mood for a challenge I've got doozie...

I'd like to assign a task to multiple users simultaneously, then gather all the tasks back to one user - probably the process initiator.

Problem is that I don't know how many users the task will be assigned to - that is a decision taken by the task initiator before they submit the initial form by building a list of recipients on the form.

I can't assign the task to a 'Group' as then it can only be Claimed by one user at a time.

The key issue is that I need to assign a Task, rather than just eMail the forms to the multiple users, as I need to be able to set Reminders and a Deadline for each recipient user's Task so that after a certain date all the multiple Task Assignments get deadlined back to the initiator if not completed.

Any ideas welcome ???

(Howard do you haev a QPAC to do this ;o)
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I have a solution for that,email me mergeandfuse@gmail.com. I can help you out.




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see these construct examples for a starting point:

Multiple independent instances (shows how you can assign multiple tasks) http://livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/8.2/wb_help/000189.html

Multiple instances synchronization (shows how to converge the multiple threads)


hope that helps



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Hi Scott

Brilliant THANK YOU :)

I tried using a 'loop' and a counter but I'd not figured out the implication of using a Gateway to stop the 1st Assign trapping the task until that user completed it.

I'll give it a try l8r.

Cheers - Stuart


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Hi Howard

That link to Rendezvous does not work (or on your web site off ES components list either) but I think looked at this and decided it was not what we need.

What the customer wants' is the ability for multiple users to concurrently Annotate a Flat version of a form, then for all the annotation to be combined into one 'master review document'.

The ideal answer would be to start a Shared Review form within LC ES process but I don't think that is possible...

Anyway the other side of this is that they want to be able to add Reminders and Deadlines o each individual review task so the process would need to know who had and had not reviewed the document - which again I think rules out the Shared Review idea.

Any further thoughts would be welcome.

Best Regards - Stuart


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Hi Stuart

This is an interesting usage, which I'd like to discuss further. Can you email me at: htreisman-at-avoka.com.

I'd also like to find out why those links don't work for you - I just tried them again, and they work for me.