Announcing Commercial "Pay-per-Use" Pricing



Hi all,

To all those eager to hear about our pricing, I'm pleased to be able to share this with you all.  As of today, the LiveCycle Collaboration Service (LCCS) is available for purchase on a "pay-per-use" model -- worldwide!

Live Stream Bandwidth$0.49 USD per GBUp/down live stream bandwidth, such as real-time audio and video. P2P stream via RTMFP is excluded though LCCS will gracefully switch connection methods if a P2P connection cannot be established or maintained.
Push Messages$0.10 USD per 1KPush messages are data messages in to the service. Data messages out are excluded. Some examples of data messages include chat messages and shared cursors. Push messages assist in collaborative workflows between clients.
User Minutes$0.01 USD per HourUser minutes is the amount of time that a connection is maintained to the service. If there are 3 connections maintained over a 5 minute period, the total user minutes for that session is 15 minutes.

Note: Though multiple currencies are supported and your payment card will be charged in the appropriate currency, the developer portal interface and billing emails will be in English and USD only.

For more detailed information around our pricing model, please see the attached FAQ.  Sign up now for a free account and/or upgrade your account now via our developer portal.

For those who we can't get anything past, we'll explain the rebranding later...







Great congratulation !

One question how could we see our quota usage in chat and presence message vs the rest ?

- Our 'Test' Edoboard button may stay to try the plateforme 'interface' only without AFCS connection.We were using AFSC even for the non shared demo.

- The largest cost is connection time, we should add a 5 min inactivity timer to auto disconnect the user.

hum .. I was reading 1cens a minute my bad.

Otherwise it seems very afordable great !





Will you offer a plan that is suitable for high usage clients.  I plan to use the service for hours a day, with 30 - 100 concurrent users at a time.  In that case the current pricing but not be that reasonable.  It might be more affordable to go with a connect pro pricing plan.  I think there should be an unlimited usage plan for example 100 concurrent users unlimited meetings or at least something similar.




Great congratulations to LCCS team!

BTW, are there any new features available along with 1.0 SDK released?

I checked the release notes but only found the update for 0.94 and earlier.






Hi ,

There are some bug fixes and whiteboard enhancements as far as SDK is concerned. There are new examples on whiteboard demonstrating them.



Hironmay Basu




Can you give an example of how the "Live Stream Bandwidth" cost (non-P2P) would be applied, i.e.:

  - 1 host and 1 participant using video for ten minutes streams X amount of up and down bandwidth, costing $XX

  - 1 host and 1 participant using video AND audio for xx minutes...costs $XX

Also, where does the whiteboard fit in this, as a "Push Message"?  If so, an example cost of using Whiteboard, if applicable.

I think this would be very helpful for those (like me) who aren't familiar with the type and amount of actual data passing through the service.




Hi DB,

I think the best way to try this out is to use the Room Console, available in the developer tools tab of the SDK Navigator. Log into a room, and check out the "Logs" tab. Run and user your application on the same room, and watch the graphs and message count being displayed there. Note that the bandwidth graph is only the bandwidth down for one client, so you'll want to multiply it by the number of users you may have logged in for the final result.

Hope this helps,





Hi, Fang/Nigel.

Any further thoughts on "behind the firewall" deployments of ALCS?


Rick Bullotta

Burning Sky Software




why is the live stream bandwidth showing when my application does not have any video or audio? I was just testing the app and under live stream bandwidth it says 0.003 GB ?

Also about the user per minute section it says $0.01 per hour per user

so if user one connected @ 8am and user two connected at @ 8:30am @ 8:59am will this account be billed $0.01 for each user or will it only bill the one who has been on for an hour ? I'm trying to understand how this will work for application where you have users going in and most may not even stay for an hour...





Bandwidth is bandwidth is bandwidth (and the term "live stream bandwidth" is confusing.

We count the size of the data sent and received (including data messages), so if for example you are transferring images as data messages they will count as bandwidth used.

User time is calculated as the total connection time of each user, so if you have one user connected for an hour and then another user joins for 30 minutes you will have 1h 30m of user time. Also, we bill for the total connection time for the month, so if you have users connecting to the rooms for only a few minutes at a time they will still contribute to your total connection time for the month and you will be billed for it.

Of course if you don't convert any application to "paid" you can still use the system for the equivalent of $15 of usage per month, so the best thing to understand how the pricing model work is to run some test application and check the usage.