404 Error while Selecting Integration



Hi there,


When I run the command

aio console:list-integrations

I can see my Adobe IO Integration listed successfully. However, when I run

aio console:select-integration number1_number2

I get following error:


Error: Cannot retrieve integration: https://api.adobe.io/runtime/admin/namespaces/number1/number2 (404 Not Found)



Can someone help me understand what I am missing? When I go to Adobe IO console, I can access the integration successfully.


Thanks in advance,




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Hi Mihai, after several attempts to get this work, I am still getting 404 error.


Steps I had to take (which dont seem to be documented so need to understand what is wrong):

1. Downloaded Openshisk on my Mac and extracted the WSK executable.

2. Added the folder to PATH.

3. Created an IO Integration with following services:

- IO Management API

- IO Events

4. Created a config.json file with details of the IO integration. Here're the contents:


  "client_id": "",

  "client_secret": "",

  "jwt_payload": {

   "exp": 1575648943,

    "iss": "",

    "sub": "@techacct.adobe.com",

    "https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/s/ent_adobeio_sdk": true,

    "https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/s/event_receiver_api": true,

    "aud": ""


  "token_exchange_url": "https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/ims/exchange/jwt",




5. Created .wskprops file in the same folder with the content received from Adobe team

6. Ran command: aio config:set jwt-auth config.json --file --json
7. Ran command: aio config:set jwt-auth.jwt_private_key <path of private key I used for Adobe IO Integration>

8. Ran command wsk property set --apihost adobeioruntime.net  --auth  <Auth key provided by Adobe> namespace  <Custom Namespace provided by Adobe>

9. Ran command: aio console:list-integrations

10. Ran command: aio console:select-integration <Integration-id from the list>



Will appreciate any help here,