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404 Error while Selecting Integration


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Hi there,


When I run the command

aio console:list-integrations

I can see my Adobe IO Integration listed successfully. However, when I run

aio console:select-integration number1_number2

I get following error:


Error: Cannot retrieve integration: https://api.adobe.io/runtime/admin/namespaces/number1/number2 (404 Not Found)



Can someone help me understand what I am missing? When I go to Adobe IO console, I can access the integration successfully.


Thanks in advance,





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hi Michael, thanks for this. Upon trying to following command, I am getting error_code 401013 error, with message = Oauth token is not valid.


curl -H "X-Api-Key: <Your Client ID>" -H "x-ims-org-id: <Your Org ID>"  -H "Authorization: Bearer  <Auth Token>" -H "accept: application/json" https://api.adobe.io/runtime/admin/namespaces/<NUMBER>/<NUMBER>


Any idea why it might be happening?


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Hi Mihai, after several attempts to get this work, I am still getting 404 error.


Steps I had to take (which dont seem to be documented so need to understand what is wrong):

1. Downloaded Openshisk on my Mac and extracted the WSK executable.

2. Added the folder to PATH.

3. Created an IO Integration with following services:

- IO Management API

- IO Events

4. Created a config.json file with details of the IO integration. Here're the contents:


  "client_id": "",

  "client_secret": "",

  "jwt_payload": {

   "exp": 1575648943,

    "iss": "",

    "sub": "@techacct.adobe.com",

    "https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/s/ent_adobeio_sdk": true,

    "https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/s/event_receiver_api": true,

    "aud": ""


  "token_exchange_url": "https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/ims/exchange/jwt",




5. Created .wskprops file in the same folder with the content received from Adobe team

6. Ran command: aio config:set jwt-auth config.json --file --json
7. Ran command: aio config:set jwt-auth.jwt_private_key <path of private key I used for Adobe IO Integration>

8. Ran command wsk property set --apihost adobeioruntime.net  --auth  <Auth key provided by Adobe> namespace  <Custom Namespace provided by Adobe>

9. Ran command: aio console:list-integrations

10. Ran command: aio console:select-integration <Integration-id from the list>



Will appreciate any help here,







Hi Rajneesh,


This flow is enabled only for customers who have acquired the Runtime add-on SKU - this unlocks support for Runtime in I/O Console. If you have received namespaces from our team, then you will need to follow the docs and look for the section that points to how to configure the CLI using the .wskprops file (this is what we gave you).





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Hi all,

Did you find a solution on this ? We are facing the same issue ?