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Segmentation - streaming & batch clarification


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Hi there,


I am looking to create a Cart Abandonment segment which will be used for onsite targeting (homepage banners etc.) in Adobe Target. Basically the logic is, customer visited our cart page, and did not purchase. 


Here are some of the questions I have while creating the segments:


1) Streaming segment seems to best fit my need, however, this is a multi-event (page visit, did not purchase) segment, so AEP is forcing me to limit the lookback period to 24 hours. If so, does this mean this segment will only contain last 24 hours of customers who cart abandoned?

  1. If so, it would be incorrect for me to use this segment for onsite targeting? Since I would want eligible customers to see the retargeting banner for longer than 24 hours.

2) If I change the segment to Batch instead of streaming, and since the events part of XDMExperienceEvents that are streaming into our dataset, is the segment actually near real-time segment as opposed to updating once a day? 

  1. If it's once a day, that means I can't use this for onsite targeting too since the customer could have made a purchase within the 24 hours but would not be kicked out of the segment.


3) I created two variations of this cart abandonment segment - Streaming & Batch. Then I created another segment to include the two Audiences (Streaming & Batch) into this one, and set it up with the streaming evaluation method. Will this segment stream AND batch due to the nature of the two audiences included?





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@akwankl I guess you can go with streaming segmentation because, With streaming segmentation, segment qualification now happens as streaming data lands into Platform. Once the lands on the platform, it will evaluate the record and segment it in real-time.

For instance, if the cart abandonment happened now, the record will enter the AEP and it will get evaluated at that instance once you activate it, the experience can be served through Adobe Target


However, with Batch, it will evaluate the records in batch format. As you said, there will be a latency 

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