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List batch ids from streaming ingestion


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Hi community,


unlike e.g. Adobe Analytics there is no automatic data retention service available within the AEP. Therefore, I tried to identify according ingestion ids in order to delete data manually after a certain time period. This is quite easy for “normal” batch ingestions:


Identify batch IDs

GET https://platform.adobe.io/data/foundation/catalog/batches?limit=100&properties=created

Delete in datasets

POST https://platform.adobe.io/data/foundation/import/batches/{BATCH_ID}?action=REVERT

Delete in RTCDP

POST https://platform.adobe.io/data/core/ups/system/jobs


I tried to do that also with streaming data (via Web SDK). It is possible to identify batches via:

GET https://platform.adobe.io/data/foundation/catalog/dataSetFiles?dataSetId=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX...


However, it looks like this list is not complete. Does anyone has an idea how this could be solved?



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Hi @udvbia,

You can retrieve the list of batches based on dataset id, timestamp, etc. Please check the catalog service - https://developer.adobe.com/experience-platform-apis/references/catalog/#tag/Batches/operation/listB... 


Hope this helps!