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AEP Community Lens 5th Edition, Q3, 2023





Welcome to the 5th edition of the Adobe Platform Experience Community Lens!

Adobe Platform Experience Community Lens is like your community bulletin board highlighting the latest updates from the Adobe Platform Experience Community in one place.
In this edition, we are sharing updates of Q3 2023, July 23- Sept 23 including, the most viewed Adobe Platform Experience content on Experience League, as well as the latest product releases, upcoming and past learning opportunities, and a lot more!

Adobe Platform Experience Community Lens


Learn about all the new capabilities, upgrades, improvements, and fixes that were included in the latest release for Adobe Platform Experience:

  • Real-Time Customer Data Platform - Intelligent Re-engagement use case guide and Partner support has been released.
  • Attribute-based access control - The new permission policies sandbox configuration feature allows you to enforce an attribute based access control policy on all or a select number of sandboxes, depending on your needs and requirements.
  • Dashboards - Now create an audience with the appropriate attributes for your business needs, and then consume the insights using pre-configured widgets in the Adobe Experience Platform UI.
  • Data Collection - The new Experience Platform Tags (China) feature improves website reliability and latency, leading to faster response times for customers who deploy Tags on websites in China.
  • Data IngestionYou can now Changes to data ingestion workflows with warnings
  • Data Prep - You can now use Data Prep to filter out identities coming from Adobe Analytics, such as AAID and AACUSTOMID. If filtered out, these identities do not get ingested into Real-Time Customer Profile. Unfiltered data will continue to be ingested into the data lake.
  • Destinations - You can now activate prospect audiences to cloud storage destinations. The general activation guardrail of maximum 100 destinations per sandbox has been updated to be a hard limit.
  • Experience Data Model (XDM) - Use XDM Individual Prospect Profile class to bring in prospect profiles sourced from data vendors’ top-of-the-funnel customer acquisition use cases.
  • Identity Service - Today, identity graphs have a limit of 150 identities per graph, and once this limit is reached, graphs are no longer updated.
  • Segmentation Service - Look-alike audiences provide intelligent insights on each of your audiences, leveraging machine-learning-based insights to identify and target high-value customers with your marketing campaigns.


  • Join virtual sessions focused on helping you adopt or evolve to specific features of Adobe Experience Platform applications by registering in Value accelerators here.


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