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Timline for AEP Projects


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Hello Everyone,


Typically with your experience could you help me understand how much time a typical AEP project will take a for a customer.


Customer will be using AEP CDP, AJO, CJA.

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Hi @NitinCT - Determining an accurate project timeline depends on several factors, and we need to address the following questions to provide a clearer estimate:

  1. How many data sources are involved (e.g., CRM, web analytics data, mobile app data)?
  2. Is the integration with these data sources straightforward, or does it require custom implementation?
  3. How complex is the data modeling?
  4. Is the client clear about their specific objectives?
  5. Are all the potential use cases for activation known?


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Hi @NitinCT , there is no direct way to determine the accurate timelines to enable AEP for any customer leveraging AEP CDP, AJO, CJA but couple of factors to consider before laydown the timelines. The factors are ranging from functional to Non function requirements along with some volumetric details and architecture decisions as outlined below.

1. Different Data Sources ( Streaming, Batch). If streaming, is it a direct integration or with middleware, If batch is it through connector or S3 (file based etc). Each source connectivity will vary from effort and external dependencies that can impact your timelines.

2. Data Modelling (are you inheriting from existing database or building a new data model. Based on the complexity and types of data effort with vary.

3. If one of your source is WebSDK, then launch configuration and deployment effort. Need to know what type of behavioural data you need to bring in.

4. No. of Identities from various sources and then determining Default time based vs No merge policy  for your segmentation etc.

5. No. of Streaming Segment vs Batch segmentation

6. KPI's that you want to measure using CJA, data needed to build dashboard etc

7. Always on Journey vs Batch and Blast Campaigns Requirements (one touch vs Multiple touch) will determine the effort for building and validating 

8. External system dependencies and their commitment towards to the project is crucial too to avoid last minute delays.

9. External Destination integrations to send segmented data.

10. Experience on AEP ecosystem and how it works. Skillset and deep understanding of the platform capabilities will fast track your development and debugging effort.  

These are few of the major factors to determine before committing to the project timelines.