Upgrade request for Adobe Launch - Reporting rules that run VS rules that don't - Housekeeping :)



Over time the amount of various rules created in Launch can get out of hand and knowing what rules no longer run can be a daunting task. Even more frustrating are the rules transferred from DTM to Launch and needing to know what rules no longer apply. We know that in debug mode, a log churns out in the user's console that includes all the activities done by Launch _satellite code in real time. I feel the entire community of Launch users would love to see a reporting tool internal to a given Launch property that simply illustrates the usage count of rules that are current and rules that are deprecated. The date range of this reporting could be limited to thirty days. That should be plenty time for every given aspect of a site to be hit and know what rules are running. Any rules with zero fires could then be safely disabled and/or deleted. I feel this is a fairly straight forward ask. I do not feel this upgrade applies to data elements.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Thanks for the suggestion. Please go submit this as an idea on the Launch community. The PM is super active over there so he can flush out the idea with you and others can vote to help get it on their roadmap.




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