page variable is showing value of previous (landing) page



Hi Experts,

I am new to launch and analytics and facing an issue so posting here

As a user I open my website, I made some search and it takes me to search result page

I click on the header logo and go back to homepage

on homepage , in analytics image request I can see page variable having value of Search Result Page

If I re-click on header logo of homepage, I get the correct "page" variable value now.

I have  set a rule for Clear Variable after Send  Beacon but it doesn;t seam working. Can anybody provide some inputs here ?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hope your site is not a Single page application. As such issue happens alot on SPA. If not then I will suggest you to please make sure you are using latest version of app measurement.

Also, please check if such isssue is happening on S.t() or calls. As Pagename can be same on call. That is because page doesnot load and on pagename value are not reported.


Karandeep Singh

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