How to identify which tag implementation (DTM or Launch) configured for a site.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



There's a few different things you could use.  Personally I love ' ' because it returns the name of the Launch Property directly.

However, just according to the official launch documentation, you could use _satellite.buildInfo .

_satellite.buildInfo has various pieces of information within, and contains items specific to turbine.


Example Values


  turbineVersion: "14.0.0",

  turbineBuildDate: "2016-07-01T18:10:34Z",

  buildDate: "2016-03-30T16:27:10Z",

  environment: "development"


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Answers (4)



From official documentation standpoint, yes I believe that's your only option (checking for the existence of turbine, basically).

I would avoid '_satellite._container' , just from a general practice standpoint.



But the buildInfo is only available for Launch.

So, we have add a condition

if 'buildInfo' or '_satellite._container' is not undefined then it is Launch implementation  otherwise it is DTM implementation.

Is this the only option available?



Thanks for the information.

But this is not sufficient for my use case, I am currently working on an automated tool to debug the tag implementations.

I am looking for something like   '_satellite.' variable or any other variables which can be accessed from JS console.

I can check the dtm/launch script tag from the page view source ( or, but in this case also there is an issue. If we migrate DTM to Launch using the upgrade to option then the script tag still pointed to old DTM not the Launch script.




Hi eldhov19157560​,

You can check the code version in the server call/image request triggering to Analytics to know the tag implementation. In DTM, you will find something starting with 'D' (as shown in screenshot below), whereas in Launch, you will find something starting with 'L'.


Hope it helps!