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Migrating from Adobe Media Analytics 2.x Launch extension to Adobe Media Analytics 3.x Launch extension


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I am in the process of migrating from the Adobe Media Analytics 2.x Launch extension to the Adobe Media Analytics 3.x Launch extension. Currently I am using the Adobe Media Analytics 2.x extension to track Brightcove videos and SundaySky videos and I have two separate Launch rules for the implementation code of each of the two different video players.


With the 2.x extension, I am able to set the playerName property of the mediaConfig object that I pass into the MediaHeartbeat.getInstance(mediaDelegate, mediaConfig) function when getting an instance of a media tracker. For the Brightcove implementation rule I set playerName to "Brightcove" and for the SundaySky implementation rule I set it to "SundaySky". This makes it easy to use the out-of-the-box "Content Player Name" dimension in Analytics to segment Brightcove and SundaySky video data.


With the 3.x extension, it doesn't appear that I can set the mediaConfig properties before getting an instance of the media tracker and that those properties always come from the what is configured at the extension level. The 3.x extension doesn't appear to expose the MediaConfig object or the Media.configure(mediaConfig, appMeasurement) function.


Am I overlooking something in the Adobe Media Analytics 3.x Launch extension? Is there a way to set the playerName on a case-by-case basis within a rule?

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