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Greetings fellow Launchers. Seeking guidance around the following.


I've got a property that includes periods. For some reason, when inserting the following into the Javascript Variable Name, Adobe isn't picking it up: dataLayer.adobeLaunch[""]. However, when creating a data element and leveraging some simple code to capture this property and apply to a new variable, I'm able to build a comparison rule (condition) that recognizes that value being passed in dataLayer.adobeLaunch[""]. Do I need to use a different notation or does Launch simply not recognize this sort of syntax? Thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Answer given in the comments of the original post:





Hey mattb, a little later here, but my bet is that Launch just doesn't accept this valid notation through it's GUI.


Out of curiosity though, is your Data Layer coming from the "Blend" mortgage application? That syntax is identical to what they use ...

Thanks Jay. You got it - dataLayer stemming from the Blend mortgage app. For now, we're just going the custom code route. Seems silly that we can't use the notation referenced. Oh well
Small world with Blend; I'm working with their Data Layer now as well 


 ... I agree with you on it being silly that the GUI can't handle it; that said, it must be super hard to cover all the bases, so I'll cut Adobe some slack for once jantzen_belliston-Adobe_5-1600280157958.png


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