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Hi One and all,

Has anyone out there used launch with Drupal8?  I have a very simple test JSON defined data layer, which looks like the below

<script>var digitalData =














we would use JS, except Drupal8 doesn't like you out putting native JS to the page, so my developers advised to use JSON.  The issue I have is when I use _satellite.getVar('page Name'); I get a result of (" "), as far as I can tell all the config is correct inside the Launch UI, I have created a data Element with the name of page Name, the path to the data element is digitalData[0].page.pageinfo.pageName (Which I believe is correct).

When I inspect the DataLayer with Data slayer, all the elements are visible and populated.  I am trying to understand why the data layer elements are empty when I use the  _satellite command.  I hope this is enough info.

many thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi All,

Adobe Client care have solved this issue.  The resolution to edit/create the  data element and use the core extension, then element type should be Custom code as below


once the editor opened I added the following code


the above code works for thew JSON dataLayer in Drupal 8

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