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Decrypt batch from source connection


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Connect to SFTP source and read a GPG encrypted file to ingest into Adobe Experience Platform


Why is this feature important to you:

Clients averse to using cloud data storage for PII data force data transmission via SFTP with encrypted data files.  These processes may be legacy applications that are hoard to change.  Data privacy and security policies are hard to change.  This seems like such a basic capability - that is available in Campaign - why not AEP?


How would you like the feature to work :

UI/API to connect to source

UI/API to open encrypted file with key pair with option to translate csv to JSON

Read the data stream from the opened file

Return a JSON object with decrypted data


Current Behaviour -

None.  Feature available in campaign is not available in AEP. Current process would be to decrypt the file on the SFTP server then ingest into AEP, which is not compliant with security policies.

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