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Tutorial Discussion: Use Adobe Experience Platform data collection



Use this thread to ask any questions related to the Use Adobe Experience Platform data collection tutorial tutorial on Experience League. Experts are monitoring this thread to ensure your questions are answered.

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Very helpful, thank you @mhajala 


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Reposting for my colleague here for visibility.

MikeGo2 Level 1
11/3/23 10:06:13 PM

Dear Adobe,


The following Example Steps outlined in your example WKND site AEM Integration Article URL below for Adobe Analytics would be WAY more valuable if you updated it to include the Steps for integration with AEP/CJA. 

AEM Data Layers are not XDM compliant (would be great to add Class Field Groups to support AEM component Data Layers) and taking the following tutorial and repurposing it to provide examples of the WKND site AEM integration for AEP would be incredibly valuable for many users to connect the dots on using the WebSDK Send Event with AEM Component Data Layers aligned with your global XDM Data Element!

This is the current WKND site AEM Integration for Analytics...please create one for connecting to AEP that demonstrates using Launch WebSDK & ACDL extensions in combination with the WebSDK send event using a global XDM Data Element!


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Hi @EricD206 ,

I think we do have what you are asking for here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/sites/integrations/experience-platf... 


Please let me know if this is what you are hoping for or not.


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Thanks Dwight. Let me take a look at this tutorial