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Traffic source in session storage lost from domain to subdomain.


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I have a case to trigger rules based on traffic source, but I see in session storage that traffic source is lost when moving from domain to subdomain as below:-




Can I still use Traffic Source as a condition?

What would be required to have Traffic Source maintained between domain and subdomain?



I have already declared both domain and subdomain as internal and not to be tracked as outbount links.



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Hi @shubhams7318036 ,


You may want to check out stackoverflow for a general question about local/session storage, answer .

If data is saved on a subdomain, it won't be accessible by another subdomain. The linked answer mentions techniques for gettering around this. As a possible solution from within Launch, you could dynamically update all href's on the relevant <a> elements (dom ready) to include a customized query strings based on data elements or some other custom code. And then add additional logic on the new page to read from the query string.


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Sorry if this has reached you too late.


Since both of your URLs are on the same eTLD+1 (allianz-assistance.es), you could use a session cookie to persist info and make it accessible from any URL that is a sub domain of allianz-assistance.es.


You could do this in straight JS or you could use the SDI Toolkit's cookie setter action. See https://techdocs.searchdiscovery.com/adobe-solutions/adobe-launch/launch-extensions/sdi-toolkit/acti...