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Sessions and Users are visible in Adobe Analytics but not in AEP


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I am working on a migration from Adobe Analytics to CJA, and current state both Adobe Analytics and CJA are running in parallel. Adobe Analytics is using the old client-side b/ss calls while CJA is pulling data from xdm interact calls.


When comparing data between Adobe and CJA, it has been observed that whole sessions attributed to one ECID are present in Adobe Analytics but not in CJA. There are page views and events that get collected in AA that aren't collected in CJA at all. The data collection is set up with the same rule triggers, it is not isolated to one browser/OS or anything like that. It is more like in some cases the entire interact call is failing while the AA beacon is sent without issue.


I am looking for insight as to why an interact call would fail when a b/ss call would succeed. It is not something I have been able to reproduce in browser so I am curious if there is a technical or latency difference between the two that would exist on an end user's browser that could be making the difference.

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Hope you have followed the below steps to ingest data.


You might have already created a schema, the next steps would be to create dataset in AEP and to create a connections between platform datasets and Customer Journey Analytics. A connection lets you integrate datasets from Adobe Experience Platform into Workspace. In order to report on Experience Platform datasets, you first have to establish a connection between datasets in Experience Platform and Workspace.


You can refer to this documentation.



All of this has already been done, and data is flowing into CJA. The problem statement is for a small percentage of users, b/ss calls are being sent to Adobe Analytics but no interact calls are being sent to the Experience Platform. I am trying to figure out what makes these AA users unique through forensics in workspace but not having a ton of luck. 


For 90%-95% of sessions I am not having a problem, but for 5%-10% of sessions Adobe Analytics is receiving data but AEP is not. I checked the data stream and there are no batch failures, so something is preventing the AEP interact call from firing. I can't reproduce this behavior on any browser or environment that I have access to, so I am asking "what could cause an interact call to fail that would not also cause a b/ss call to fail?"



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