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Adobe Launch - "Time and Scroll Event" Plugin not firing event rule with page scroll


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I would like to track the user scrolling activity on my webpage with Adobe Analytics and for that I have installed "Time and Scroll Event" Plugin and created a rule for this plugin. But the rule fired basis upon only time spent (example 15 sec in below steps) even without any page scroll. I think the rule should be fired after only both condition met i.e time spent of 15 sec and 50% of page scroll by user.



1. Installed "Time and Scroll Event" Plugin

2. Create a new rule name- "track_scroll_depth" with below event settings-

Extension = Time and Scroll Event
Event Type = Combined Time Spent and Scroll Depth
Event configuration

Threshold for time spent (in seconds) =15

Threshold for scroll depth (in % of the page height) = 50

Fire once per page only = true

On short pages, fire after timeout = true

Advanced configuration

If these options don't mean anything to you, just leave them as they are.

Delay before measuring height of page (in milliseconds) = 100



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Maybe your page is a short page!
can you share a screenshot of the page?


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Instead of "Threshold for time spent (in seconds) =15" try with "2" I can able to see the event is triggered as exepcted.