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Rule & Data Element Revision Comparison


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In Adobe DTM, there was a robust system that allowed side-by-side comparison of any pair of revisions of a single rule. I am now deeply missing that functionality in Adobe Launch.

Currently, I am able to easily access a revision of a rule that's in an Upstream library (for example, while I'm developing updates to a rule, I can see the current 'live' version of the rule) - but I have no indication of what changes have been made. Furthermore, I can't find a way to review an older, non-published revision of a rule without creating a new library and specifically adding that old revision (which, in of itself, seems like an issue).

Being able to easily see changes in Events, Conditions, Exceptions, and Actions would be tremendously helpful in diagnosing issues - especially in projects with multiple team members. Ideally, it would be nice to get to a level of detail similar to the current DTM tool that even gives a full DIFF of a custom code block. That said, even just knowing if a condition has been Added, Updated, or Deleted between revisions would at least let me know where to look.



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To add to this comment, you can see the revision in the Published state and look back at what is in there bu can't see any other versions of the revisions which ultimately would be helpful to see all the iterations that were made in between.




I've seen some functional prototypes from the dev team, not pretty yet, but working.  We'd like to productize this before the end of the year.


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We had a bad time yesterday trying to identify what part of the code changes was producing a bug on our website. it has been difficult without the side to side code comparison as we had on the DTM.
Also the comparison of the changes in the conditions themselves was very useful.

Really looking forward to have it on launch




When you're looking at an individual resource, next to the Save/Cancel buttons at the top, there are three dots and under that menu there's an option to "Compare Revisions".  From this screen, the latest changes show on the right.  On the left, you can select any historical versions (that were saved into libraries at some point) for comparison and if you want, you can use the historical version to overwrite the current version.

Play around with it, we'd love to hear your thoughts =)