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Questions on Accessing the ECID via Data Prep


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Trying to populate ECID value to a custom XDM schema field, and referring to the following link,


Accessing the ECID | Adobe Experience Platform


It states that using Data Prep / Mapping is preferred, since all my configurations are done at client side using Launch / Tags, my first question is whether this is still a "preferred" method in my case as it may cause some maintenance confusion in the future when the majority of the configurations are in client side?


The second question or comment is, why is it a must to provide a JSON schema in Data stream config before we can proceed to do data mapping? Is it better to have an option to just load the schema associated with the Data Stream? In this case of populating the ECID, I have no idea how to prepare the proper JSON file in order to proceed with the data mapping.


Also tried using the "Copy JSON Structure" function in the Schemas interface, but its output is the not the expected structure for Data Prep. Maybe I'm missing something and would like to seek more information about this.





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Are you already creating the XDM object inside of a Tags -> Data Element?  ie... not using a custom data layer?

If so, you should not need to do any additional mapping.


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Yes, using a XDM object as a data element. What I am trying to do is to populate the ECID value to a custom XDM schema field. Right now I'm doing this using the client side method as stated in the link. And would like to know in this case is using Data Prep still the preferred method for accessing the ECID value?