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Populate Data Element with eVar Value


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Can I populate a Data Element with the value from an eVar? 

I am trying to access the value of an eVar in the custom code for a rule I have created, hence why I am assigning it to a Data Element.

Is it possible to assign an eVar to a Data Element? For example MyDataElement = evar24


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Yes you can do that.

As long as you have the "s" value available in the window. (This can be set in the Adobe Analytics extension page)



Turn this on and then you can set your custom code in your data element to be:


return s.eVar24;



Community Advisor

Err, no.

... Well, ok, yes, you could, but it's not normally done. A data element normally contains the value that you want to pass to the eVar. It's not meant to work the other way around.

Can you describe your situation to explain why you want to set a data element with an eVar's value?