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Library building very slow


Level 3

Is there anything I could be doing that makes the Launch library building so slow, up to 3 minutes?

I only have 3 extensions (including Core), 33 rules and 14 data elements.



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Level 10

Hi Olivier,

There is one trick. While the library is being built switch between different tabs (e.g. Rules > Publishing > Rules). Usually, this helps to have the library marked as ready much faster. Let me know if that works for you?


Level 1

Hi Andrey,

Thank you very much for your answer. So if I understand correctly, the library gets built relatively quickly but it's the notification of the "library built" that is slow to get displayed?

I built the library several times very early this morning (Eastern timezone) and it was way much faster than when I do it in the afternoon. I guess the speed is also a function of how many concurrent users are building libraries.

Thanks again for your answer, I'll check your trick this afternoon.




Level 2

Same here. But much much longer. Building a super simple lib with just two rules and 3 dataElements and 2 Libraries can take up to 20 minutes.... 20 MINUTES !!!!