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Launch publishing workflow notifications


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I'd like to be able to set up notification rules associated with when a library is submitted for approval, approved, and published. Launch admins would be responsible for setting up notification rules & settings.

Notifications could be sent to an email group and/or to a Slack channel.



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Our security team would particularly like the system to notify a list of users/email addresses when particular actions are taken (such as publishing), so that if anything unexpected happens people would be aware.

The list of people notified should not be in control of the user who is publishing, it should be configured at an admin level for the property.

please can this be considered?


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We would really value the ability to send alerts/notifications by email as libraries are moved from stage to stage.

We are particularly interested in notifications on the "publishing" stage from a security point of view.

(it would be important that the user publishing could not disable the notification)



Agreed with the above posters. We desperately need the ability to configure Launch to trigger email and/or webhook notifications at different points in the publishing workflow.


Both email and webhooks would work for sending data to Slack, but webhooks would also allow us to trigger automated tests and tools in our other systems.


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I'm also voting for this capability. 


At a minimum, we need the ability to notify (email is fine to start with) someone with the Approve or Publish roles that there is something sitting in their queue for review.





For technical users, the Launch API provides a Callback resource that allows you to specify your message URL and receive a message when a resource is modified.  These Callbacks can be based on audit events that Launch generates.  You can see a list of resources and events that generate audit events here.

The obvious drawback here is that it requires you to have a service that is setup and listening to messages that Launch sends when these events are generated.

We'd like to expose this functionality to a larger number of our users through the Launch UI and without requiring you to run your own listener, but it's farther out on the roadmap.

Status changed to: Accepted


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Is there an update on when this notification feature will be available without additional resources/services?


We really just want to send an email to a list as soon as something is published for awareness...