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Launch extension release/update notes please


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Hi guys,

Can we please have release notes for extension upgrades? All we currently have is a single Upgrade button with an "are you sure?" blurb, with no info on what the update will actually do;


This gives me zero confidence in upgrading any of the extensions, as if they break something I don't think I can revert the change.

If I have release notes, then i could at least make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the update.

A direct feedback link to the team that owns the extension would also be an added bonus, as I could then ask questions.

Cheers, Jez



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As an extension provider, I agree wholeheartedly.  I would welcome a solution that would allow me to provide release notes when an update is pushed. 

On a similar subject, it would be great to have an array of extensionInfo objects on _satellite.buildInfo which includes (at least) extension name and version for each extension built to the library.


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I've been thinking this through... I think that just having a key in extension.json where a developer could provide a link to release notes would be a start.

For example, the Adobe Analytics extension has release notes that could be linked to:


As does the Adobe Target extension: https://docs.adobelaunch.com/extension-reference/web/adobe-target-extension/adobe-target-release-not...

I'd be happy to do the same with the extensions that I develop (and I am happy to get my own gitBook account).


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Is this solution only applies to Adobe provided extensions? Why this is not applicable to 3rd party extensions? 


Recently I've upgraded extension like Facebook (developed by Adobe), or Decibel but can't see any release notes what the new upgrades brings in? 


Can you please ask other extension developers to provide a release notes for each upgrade.


@thebenrobb @Stewart_Schilling - Any thoughts on this please? 


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I'm sticking with my original suggestion from 2018, but until there is something better, I have been providing release notes in a gitBook document. For example: https://techdocs.searchdiscovery.com/adobe-solutions/adobe-launch/launch-extensions/data-layer-manag...


It would be really great if this link were provided in the context of the upgrade message. 




@Gokul_Agiwal, when we add this feature, it will be done in a way that all extension developers can take advantage of it, not just Adobe extensions.  We do encourage other extension developers to provide release notes, and our product docs are open to them if they'd like to provide extension release notes there.  But so far, those extension developers who do provide them, do so in their own locations and their own priority.