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How to prevent Experience Cloud ID Service from creating Server Call for AMCV Cookie call when opted-out?


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We are working on One Trust Cookie Consent. The issue is when a user opts out of "Performance" which includes ECID, the ECID extension still makes a server call:




Which is for the AMCV cookie creation/update. ECID makes this call because we delete the cookie but we don't want ECID to make the server call or create the cookie. We need to prevent this call but even though we have tried all the settings in the ECID extension, nothing seems to work. We have tried opting out in every field possible (even at same time):

  • Enable Opt In?
  • Previous Permissions?
  • Variables?



But nothing seems to work, in eliminating that server call. Any ideas on how to prevent the ECID extension from making this call when the cookie is deleted?



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From what I know, the request will always be sent regardless of the "Opt-in" setting in ECID. That "Opt-in" setting will prevent subsequent hits from the other Adobe tracking, but it doesn't seem to have an effect on ECID itself, including setting the cookies.

I know of a couple of other folks who have complained about this, but I don't know if it's something that Adobe's engineers are addressing.