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ECID reset


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How can I reset ECID on a certain trigger. In my case I want to reset to a new ECID after a click on a certain element in the page. I can't find any OOTB functionality for it or method that I can use within the Web SDK.

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Level 9

Hey @cipi21 

Not sure what is the use case here ? Resetting ECID would then treat your user as a new user and your journey would be broken. If you still want to go ahead and do it, try deleting the AMCV cookie on the click of the element as AMCV cookie is the one that houses the value of ECID. Once you delete the cookie, on next page load, you should get a new AMCV cookie and hence a new ECID value.


Hope the above helps. If you still face issues you can post them here.