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Data element not grabbing the values


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I am trying to populate data element values in an eVar, and I don't see it firing. This is the DataLayer path I was using to create a data element and setting up the eVar value to data element and I see it is not firing. 








Note: DataLayer firing before adobe Launch but this program code is populated before this page and carried forward throughout the application. 


What am I missing on ? PLease help!!


Thank you!!




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Community Advisor

Could it be that there is a delay between when this value gets set in digitalData vs when your Rule runs? E.g.

  1. Page loads.
  2. Launch library loaded.
  3. Your Rule runs.
  4. digitalData.analyticsData.programcode gets populated.

To verify: in your Rule, add a custom code action to log your "Programcode" data element to your browser console, e.g.

console.log(`Programcode: ${_satellite.getVar("Programcode")}`);