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Customer Attributes schema trimming first column from data source


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When uploading a CSV to the Customer Attributes source the first column in the CSV files is being trimmed off of the schema.  Is this expected behaviour?

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No, it is not expected behavior for the first column in a CSV file to be trimmed off of the schema when uploading to the Customer Attributes source in Adobe Experience Platform (AEP).

Typically, the first row in a CSV file is used to define the column headers or field names, and these headers should match the schema that has been defined for the Customer Attributes source. If the first column is being trimmed off, it may be because the header in the CSV file does not match the schema or because there is an issue with the file format or encoding.

To troubleshoot this issue, I would recommend checking the following:

  1. Ensure that the header in the CSV file matches the schema for the Customer Attributes source, including the correct spelling, capitalization, and format of the field names.

  2. Double-check that the file format and encoding are correct. CSV files should be saved in UTF-8 encoding, and any special characters or delimiters should be properly escaped or enclosed in quotation marks.

  3. Try re-uploading the file, making sure to select the correct file and source in the upload process.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, it may be necessary to contact Adobe's technical support for further assistance.


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Hi @rrrrrraul 

The 1st column in the CSV for Customer Attributes is the identifier field that you would have set on the ECID Service setCustomerID function, although it does look trimmed, it isn't as it is used to reconcile with the information provided in by the ECID Service.