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Cookie consent through AEP Web SDK


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Hi All, I am trying to implement cookie consent through AEP web SDK extension but not able to reach the goal. My goal is if any user comes to website he/she should if allow the cookies only then adobe launch script will load if reject cookie the script will not load, and if user doesn't select any of these options and still adobe launch script doesn't load.

I tried to achieve this in analytics extension where I created data element which capture cookie name and then within analytics extension I am aborting the script if user reject the cookie.

But how do I implement with the help of AEP web SDK extension.

Thank you...

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Can I expect no one have gone through this use case ?


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Hi @ish2488 

To implement cookie consent through adobe launch extension - Firstly Cookies need to be grouped into categories depending on what they do and how critical they are to enable the site to work as expected.  CMP (consent management platform) can help you at this stage. 


The Adobe Opt in service provides a method to integrate with CMP to set / retrieve user permissions and deploy solutions accordingly.  You can refer information about opt in service at this link Setting up Opt-in Service | Adobe Experience Cloud Services  


Adobe optin workflow. 

adobe.optIn.approve(['AAM', 'ECID'], true); 
adobe.optIn.deny(['ANALYTICS'], true); 





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I am not understanding why you want to restrict Adobe Launch based on the consent and at the same time aren't you loading consent management through Adobe Launch.


You could implement consent tracking with AEP Web SDK for AEP. In case you want to set consent to SDK based on user consent - SDK currently supports only in/out/pending at the extension level, we don't have solution specific consents which used to exist with ECID service in the legacy analytics implementations.

Consent Processing in Adobe Experience Platform | Adobe Experience Platform


Hope this helps, please elaborate your question, I will try to answer my best.