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Can Adobe Launch Concatenate?


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We have a single page app and we want to use Adobe Launch to capture every click in a concatenated variable.

In this single concatenated variable, on the click we want to capture "Page Title" and from the element we want to capture |  "type=" | "name=" | "id="

The variable will have the following value

prop5="Main Page | checkbox | fund-management | input-menu"

Can this be done in Adobe Launch?

If so, how?

Or is this a job for Processing Rules inside of Adobe Analytics?


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This cannot be done thru a processing rule unless all the individual pieces are being sent at the same time. I would suggest using a custom variable, e.g. an array to capture all these values and then send them concatenated prior to when the user navigates away from the page or closes the browser.


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Thanks for the reply.

How to you create an array in Launch?  It seems that the data elements only allow for single values to be captured in a variable.


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There's probably a bunch of ways to do this. Here's one:

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 9.45.41 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 9.46.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 9.47.29 PM.png

With custom code:

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 9.47.47 PM.png

This assumes you have a "page_title" date element. If not you could just use:

s.prop5 = document.title + ' | ' + event.target.type + ' | ' + event.target.name + ' | ' + event.target.id;

This just sets the prop. You may also want to fire the beacon here depending on your use case.