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Best Practice for Mobile App Background Time


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According to the Mobile Metrics and Dimensions Reference, A new launch is triggered by default when an application is in the background for five or more minutes. Apparently, the amount of background time can be configured in the SDK Analytics Options. Is there a best practice for how much background time there should be? Would it make sense to update the background time to 30 minutes to better align with web visits and create a more apples to apples comparison (web vs app visits)?

Thank you in advance for your help on this subject.



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Hey Matt!

Great to hear from you. I changed your question into a discussion since it's more of a discussion around best practices so there could be multiple good answers depending on the situation.

As for a response, you definitely could change it to 30 min to be more consistent with your web implementation. I think it's really just your personal preference and the nature of your app.




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Thanks for the response, Jantzen. We will discuss more internally to see what we should do. Thanks again.