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Adobe Web SDK scaffold for tracking to Adobe Analytics via the Adobe Client Data Layer (ACDL) using Adobe Experience Platform Tags (Adobe Launch)


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(Disclaimer: The following recommendation is based on my personal experience with actual client setups. It is not endorsed nor recommended by Adobe or any of its partners.)

I'm sharing this scaffold for using Adobe Web SDK to send events for Adobe Analytics to consume, with Adobe Client Data Layer (ACDL) as the data layer and Adobe Experience Platform Tags (a.k.a. Adobe Launch) as the tag management system.

The full gist is at https://gist.github.com/yuhui/0cb20fdcc21a03357c4a217edc58d63a. I've listed out the minimal set of:

  • extensions
  • data elements
  • rules

that need to be set up in Adobe Launch to enable complete tracking of your website's usage data to Adobe Analytics via Web SDK + ACDL, i.e. your website with Adobe Launch -> ACDL -> Web SDK -> Analytics.

Hopefully, this scaffold is useful for those of you who are getting started with implementing Web SDK for Analytics, or migrating from Analytics' AppMeasurement to Web SDK.

If you find any errors or have any comments, please feel free to leave them here so that I can address them and/or correct myself.

(A "scaffold" is a software implementation term referring to a minimal setup that's needed for any software project to begin development. Reference: Wikipedia)


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