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Adobe Launch web SDK extension


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I'm new to AEP web sdk extension. Till now, I've been using adobe analytics extension in launch to set variables, send beacon and clear variables.

Now, I want to migrate to using AEP web sdk extension. I've followed adobe tutorial to create xdm schema, datastream, installed web sdk extension and then used it to send Event and then tested the data inthe debugger. The xdm schema has evars, props, hierarchies and lists.

In order to send simple events like pageview and link click or complex events triggered on conditions,  and product string, I've been setting them in the custom code 'open editor' option in the 'set variables' action using the adobe analytics extension. When migrating to web sdk extension, how to proceed for this? What steps to follow?



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Generally, you shouldn't be sending your hits/beacons via code, if you're using the extension. That applies to the Analytics extension too.

With the Web SDK extension, you would still use its "Send Event" action. You would also need to rethink your process for sending the data. Despite how complicated it is, you should still be able to set your XDM object with the values to track independently of sending the event itself.

I have a scaffold for using Web SDK to send data to Adobe Analytics: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-platform-data/adobe-web-sdk-scaffo... Maybe it can help you to think about how to implement Web SDK for your situation.


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Thanks @yuhuisg for your response

Currently, the website tracks many user-actions and there are many rules (around 100+) and data elements (same; around 100+). And each of the launch rule has multiple events in it, for example page views, link clicks, system-error, item view, add/remove to cart, video play/pause, and so on! Even the product string is set in the custom code instead of using the product string builder extension. So, I'd say it's pretty complex in the first place.

Is there a better way to configure and track user behaviour in adobe launch? Currently, the adobe analytics extension lets me set variables, send beacons and clear variables. I attended an adobe seminar where they highlighted AA via AEP web sdk. Your thoughts on this?


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@namandeepkaur wrote:

I attended an adobe seminar where they highlighted AA via AEP web sdk. Your thoughts on this?

There are 2 main benefits to using Web SDK over AA's AppMeasurement:

  1. If you have implementations for other Adobe products, e.g. Target, Audience Manager, then consolidating them in Web SDK will reduce the number of network requests from the users' browsers. (For mobile users, that would help to reduce their data consumption.)
  2. Web SDK uses cookies that are generated at Adobe's server, rather than at the user's browser. That can help to mitigate (not eliminate) some browser privacy issues, e.g. Apple's ITP.

Back to your issue:

Ok, I understand what you mean about now not being the time to migrate all of your Rules and what-nots. Unfortunately, I don't think you can replicate the AA custom code to send events to Web SDK easily.

I suggest then that you continue with your current Analytics implementation. Adobe isn't going to shut it down any time soon. (This is my personal observation, given that Adobe has a lot of important Analytics customers who might not all be using Web SDK.) Then, when it comes time to revamp your website, you can then look at reviewing the entire analytics tracking and reporting methodology (some business requirements might have changed over time, so it's worth reviewing those). At that time, you can then have a "clean slate" to implement Web SDK.