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Adobe Analytics Plugin Config - Web SDK Analytics


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How do we handle the below config in Web SDK AA? Do we need to add our own custom logic to achieve the below part?
/* Search Term De-Duplication Config */
            s.successfulSearchEvent = 'eventX';
            s.nullSearchEvent = 'eventY';
            s.blockedSearchEvent = 'eventZ';
            s.intraResultsSearchEvent = 'eventA';
            s.searchTermVariable = 'eVarA';
            s._channelDomain = "Social Media Organic";
            s._channelPattern = ''Email|EM>Affiliates"


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Hi @ajaxdinesh 

I assume you have set up dedicated events and custom Dimensions (prop/eVar) in Adobe Analytics for the above mentioned?

This would already not work on the classic AppMeasurement library without assigning the correct buckets to them e.g.


s.prop99 = "Social Media Organic";
s.events = "event11"; // assuming that e.g., the successfulSeachEvent is set up to be event11

// etc.



There are a couple of different approaches to handle this as explained here

  1. as part of the XDM schema, using the dedicated field group for adobe analytics
  2. using the data object (which will be the closest to what you see in above code snippet) e.g. data.__adobe.analytics.prop99 = "Social Media Organic".
    You may want to look at this video for a good step by step explanation
  3. as context data which will require manual mapping of data in Adobe Analytics processing rules (just don't do this!)


Given the way you phrase your question, I presume you are still quite new to Analytics, correct?

In that case, 1. and 2. are the recommended approaches, 3. is out of question the most cumbersome, error prone and 0-debuggable approach.


If you ask me, 2. is the most intuitive way (see video linked above) and creates less overhead through a crazy bloated XDM schema.


Hope that helps