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Working Principle of OOTB Scheduled Activation Workflow


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We are trying to understand the working principle of OOTB Scheduled Activation Workflow. Actually we are not clear how Adobe has implemented "Waiting for Activation" block.

Workflow: /libs/settings/workflow/models/scheduled_activation

If some useful documents could be shared, it would be very helpful for us to understand it.


When we see "Waiting for Activation" participant step in the workflow, we don't see any timeout related logic here.


Screenshot (409).png

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I am able to see  "AbsoluteTimeAutoAdvancer" as timeout handler here, /libs/settings/workflow/models/scheduled_activation/jcr:content/flow/participant/metaData. The Absolute Time Auto Advancer times outs and advances to the next step automatically (which is the Activate Page step) at the selected date/time.


Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 12.22.38 PM.png



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Hi @Ganthimathi_R 


Thanks for your response.


But I could not understand how & where the Activation Date & Time provided by Workflow Initiator is getting used. How the system will understand the scheduled time is reached. When there is timeout 0, how the Absolute Time Auto Advancer is advancing to the next step i.e., Activation Step.


If you can help me to understand this topic, it would be very helpful.


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Hi @S_K_Agarwal 


The Scheduled activation workflow details can be found under "/var/workflow/instances/"

Here is the sample screenshot, the "absoluteTime" property will hold the activation date & time.

cq:waitingToAdvance will be true until page activation.




Hope it helps !


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The publish workflow publish later will wait in the /var/workflow location for the page to publish. It is same as 'activate now'  Please refer to below links


There should be a system user with necessary permisions to trigger the publish event on time.