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Workflow management


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 Hi, I have a question for you as a CMA neophyte. I still don't understand workflow management, specifically the possibility of postponing the publication of page contents. I can certainly decide to publish the contents on a specific date, but I can't figure out how, in the meantime, to work on any changes to be made live on the same page. I'll explain... If page X "underwent" changes that will go live at time T1, can I then edit and post changes before time T1 goes live? Thank you




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I think for your use case, you could consider using launches, which "provide a way to create, author, and review website content for future releases. During the creation of the launch the production website can continue to evolve and change day to day as it normally would."


See more here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/sites/page-authoring/launches.html?... 

Esteban Bustamante