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Using OSGI R7 Annotation In AEM


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Why go with R6 annotation when you have improvised R7 annotation.
OSGI R7 annotation comes with significant feature and capabilities and is available to use with AEM from AEM 6.4 onwards.


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By Feike Visser



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Good to see you sharing the content with the Community. Please keep doing this.

Kautuk Sahni


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Unfortunately the link is broken (404). I wasn't able to find Feikes Articles in any other location. The best alternative content/introduction on OSGI R7 annotations I could find is this one:



@markus_bulla_adobe , thank you for sharing the link. Keep on assisting others in the AEM community. Looking forward to see you more here.

Kautuk Sahni

Oops, this new link is also not working!

Any other link?


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Hi team,

Above link is not working. Could you please share another link.

Thanks in advance.




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Hi all!

Unfortunately, the original article from Feike is no longer available on the Adobe blog.

Also the alternative document from helpx that I provided some time ago seems to be gone from it's original location.


If you are looking for resources on OSGI annotations, please check the following links:

Please note that both articles are from 2018. While the overall concept of OSGI annotations still holds true, not every detail will still be up-to-date and valid.


You might also want to look at these more recent blogs from 2021:


And as for almost every important topic, there's also a blog post from @joerghoh on OSGI annotations (from 2019): https://cqdump.joerghoh.de/2019/01/03/from-scr-annotations-to-osgi-annotations/


Adobe's official documentation has a high-level introduction to OSGI that might also be a good starting point:


If you are looking for information on how to use OSGI configurations, please refer to the following links:


Hope that helps!


FYI - @vibhanshukislay and @phampi