where OSGI Component can be the best choice ?



I am wondering where can we use OSGI component in real time scenerio...

like I know where to use services .....i can make a service (java class) and i can use it multiple times for different different component and in model ...

but when we go for component ...supoose we go for component and we make a component which does something then who ll consume it ? how it gets called as we know we cant use component directly in sightly .

so in short I wanted to know what would be the use case when we should go for Component

I have read somewhere

below points

  • A server object in your application which listens to a socket.
  • A filter object which intercepts the requests.
  • An object which monitors a resource and report.
  • An objects which pulls data from external system and writes to the repository.

but suppose one bundle contain any OSGI  component how we will be utlizing that in my html sightly ?

As in case of service ..model can consume the service we can use @Reference and can utlize particular service ...here i can see the use of service ..in similar way only registering any java class as @component ...in which secenrio will go for that ..??