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What is Launch Foundation Services? by Peter Nash


Some may have noticed that there is a line item on their Adobe Experience Manager contract called LFS, Launch Foundation Services. What is it and why do you have to pay for it? Let’s give a little history to start. Back in the day, when AEM was CQ, there wasn’t a lot of standardization around “best practices” regarding the setup, programming, and infrastructure of a site. Some groups, eager to tap into this new CMS, didn’t know what they were doing and some might have cut corners or completely done things the wrong way. Additionally, there wasn’t a lot of documentation provided on how to work with AEM. I worked with one customer that had been given an authoring process by their first implementation partner, that included someone manually going in and updating nodes inside CRXDE. It left a lot of customers complaining about how their site didn’t work or didn’t do what they thought it was going to do. Many of those complaints were leveled at Adobe, for right or wrong. Over time the documentation has increased and Adobe Experience Manager has matured in its offerings (and continues to grow to include new frameworks and features), including a standard that experienced developers recognize as the right way to approach things. If that is the case then why is LFS something that organizations are required to use? Purely cynical people might suggest that this is just a way for Adobe to indemnify themselves against complaints about projects being done poorly or the product underperforming, while making the customer pay for it. It’s not hard to see why people would think that. But let’s come at this from a more positive position. If Adobe can manage to get out in front of bad decisions and guide organizations to better decisions, then it will prevent unhappiness and frustration, as well as pave the way toward positive word of mouth.

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What is Launch Foundation Services?


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