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Understanding replication agents


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Hi All, I have question on how replication agents works. In AEM I have a workflow which have a out of the box Activate asset/page step after that I have to send a pubsub message to some caching services to clear cache and pull the latest content. In total I have 4 publisher and thus 4 replication agents are used to publish to 4 publish. So my question is it is possible that in my workflow step my workflow moves to next step (send message to cache service) before content have actually been replicated to all 4 publish server. In that case it is possible for those caching server to pull out dated content and thus have inconsistent content on different servers. Or the replication steps makes sure that content is successfully replicated to all 4 servers then only the step moves to next step in workflow? Any inputs on this would be very useful. I am using AEM 6.4.2 Thanks, Shehjad

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Per my knowledge, it is possible that your workflow step could advance to next step and cache is not yet published. It depends on your setup and network latency and size of content package to be replicated.

You could add a custom workflow step to listen/process the response code of replication action and then move to next step.