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Timeouts on AEM workflows


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I am having difficulty understanding how timeouts on workflow work. I understand that when we define a timeout on the workflow it advances to the next defined step when the specified time is reached. But what happens to the status of the workflow? For all my workflows I see that they are moving under 'Failures' with status of the workflow being 'RUNNING' meaning the workflow did not see any failure. It is so contradicting to this behavior and wondering what makes it do this. Any help is greatly appreciated.




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@Starpuff  I agree this is a confusing at times.

A way to read this would be that when a workflow instances moves to Failure with running status, that means there is atleast one process step that hasn't completed before the workflow instance goes into error state.


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Hi @Harwinder-singh 


Thanks for the response but almost all of the times my workflows are getting completed without any failure though they are in running state in Failures. I have tried to remove the timeout on workflow but the behavior is still same (it goes into Failures after an hour exactly) - not sure if other dependent workflow timeouts are causing this


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Hi @Starpuff,


What does the log say? It would be better to debug the workflow steps & check the logs to see what happens actually, as the workflow could fail because of some exception.






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