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Scaffolding - Create Page Names on Rollout?


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I have a product catalog where on rollout, the authored jcr:title (below) is getting used to create both the page name (e.g. pagename.html) and title of the new page.    I'm trying to create a different field to author a page name separate from the title but haven't been able to figure out what to use in the xml.  Is this possible in a rollout process? 

I'm finding that on rollout, special chars in the jcr:title value are getting converted to underscores in the page name - probably since page names are normally limited to letters, numbers, dashes, commas, or underscores when creating a page.

We're on 6.5.2.  Thanks.

fieldDescription="Title of product"
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So you want to change the page name on rollout?


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I'd like to add an author field that accepts a value for the pagename, but I can't figure out what name to use in the scaffold. It's for an Arabic site, so the chars in the title are getting converted to underscores on rollout (e.g. _____.html). I guess the other question would be if it is possible to save Arabic chars in the pagename?