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How would you go about translating the Quick Search core component into a language that is not supported by machine translation?


I have a need to translate the "Search" keyword in the quick search bar of my site into a language which is not supported by our Machine translation provider.


We are on AEM 6.4

AEM 6.4.5 core components translations

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @abateman325,

The word "Search" which appears as a placeholder text in search bar is retrieved from i18n (per the HTL of core quick search component - version 2.8.0)

  • Cross check core component version you are using and the HTL -> create translated text of "Search" in desired language in i18n.
  • List of supported languages are available in the path /etc/translation/supportedLanguages(old) or /libs/settings/translation/supportedLanguages(new).
  • If the language you are expecting is not listed here, you can add new language by overlaying to /apps (/apps/settings/translation/supportedLanguages). Resolution order : /etc -> /apps -> /libs

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