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Unable to Deploy over HTTPS end point


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I am trying to deploy ui.apps, core.jar artifacts into AEM Author and Pub using Jenkins job. Previously we used to connect over HTTP using ip and port to deploy package. This job does Build > store to artifactory > then take the package and do deploy (CI  & CD).

Commands were:

authDeployCommand:mvn -q -f pom.xml clean install-PautoInstallPackage  -Dcrx.host=${AEM_AUTHOR_CREDENTIALS_USR} -Dcrx.password=${AEM_ADMIN_CREDENTIALS_PSW} -Dcrx.port=4502 -e
pubDeployCommand:mvn -q -f pom.xml clean install -PautoInstallPackage -Dcrx.host=${AEM_PUBLISHER_CREDENTIALS_USR} -Dcrx.password=${AEM_ADMIN_CREDENTIALS_PSW} -Dcrx.port=4503 -e

 Here ${AEM_AUTHOR_CREDENTIALS_USR} for example is ip of AEM Auth.

But now we received HTTPS end points and URLs and would like to use that to deploy and block off HTTP connection.


So I updated the maven commands to this:

authDeployCommand:mvn -q -f pom.xml clean install -PautoInstallPackage -Dcrx.host=auth.adobecqms.net -Dcrx.password=${AEM_ADMIN_CREDENTIALS_PSW} -Dcrx.port=443 -e
pubDeployCommand:mvn -q -f pom.xml clean install -PautoInstallPackage -Dcrx.host=pub.adobecqms.net -Dcrx.password=${AEM_ADMIN_CREDENTIALS_PSW} -Dcrx.port=443 -e

But I am getting error when doing Deploy as unknown host / can not connect over http...

Am I missing something... ?

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The maven architype injects the http into the pom configs. You can create a new profile with https. Please below discussion for more info:







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Thank you Singaiah for the response...I went through the post but there is no example or specific detail where I need to change in my pom.xml...Do you have any example which I can re-use...?