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Problem with Profile link / button under TouchUI user avatar - top right of screen - broken link / button broken - link checker 'invalid link' complaint


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I have an AEM 6.3 to upgraded instance that's showing a broken link for the profile button under the user's avatar (at top right of TouchUI screen).

The link shown in the hover text is invalid - it's missing v2 and the case of userEditor.html also causes the link to break and no Profile button to appear -


 i.e. - /libs/granite/security/content/userEditor.html/home/users/x/yy

but this link works:


- note v2 and case change of usereditor.html. I noticed the correct URL format when viewing users in /security/users.html.


This happens for all users. In this case admin logged in via:


but also happens when users login via SAML 2.0.


I also see a broken Adobe link on the login screen.

I know it's possible to turn off the link checker, but I'd like to resolve potential issues first.


Thanks for any help!


Screenshot 2022-06-05 092016.png


Screenshot 2022-06-05 093123.png

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Hi @this-that-the-otter ,


Please check this links which gives steps how to mark link as a valid https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-cloud-kcs/kbarticles/KA-16563.html?lang=en


Hope that helps you!




Hi @SantoshSai,

Thanks for the info. However, I mentioned I do not want to turn off the link checker just yet.

I.e. - "I know it's possible to turn off the link checker, but I'd like to resolve potential issues first."

I want to resolve the underlying issue.

I assume if I turned off the link checker the link wouldn't appear broken but it would still be broken.

It seems like something is fundamentally off. I want to resolve any issue before turning off the link checker.


Thanks for any help!




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The issue could be that Network/dispatcher may be blocking this request from AEM/Linkchecker and links are resolved as broken.


Arun Patidar

Hi Arun, 


Thanks for your reply.


I tried disabling the link checker and while the Profile button now shows up, the link is still invalid and leads to a 404. 


The issue being

the link used is invalid:


instead of the correct: 



I notice in AEM 6.3 the link used would be valid. Again, my instance was upgraded from AEM 6.3 to 6.5.


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I worked with Adobe support and the issue is now resolved! Our parent pom.xml referenced uber-jar 6.5.0.

Updating it to match the cfp we're on (i.e. cfp13), as well as removing the <classifier>apis</classifier> block from the uber-jar definition in our parent pom.xml, seems to have resolved the issue!

The issue did not affect our Dev and QA instances which took a slightly different upgrade path (i.e. 6.3 to 6.5 --> 6.5 to 6.15.11 --> 6.5.11 to 6.5.12) from this instance which went from 6.3 to 6.5 and 6.5 to 6.5.13. The Dev & QA instances did not have this issue though used uber-jar 6.5.0 with <classifier>apis</classifier> block present in parent pom.xml to build our code.

I'm not sure if the upgrade path spared Dev & QA the issue, or if there is something different in cfp13 that necessitates using the matching uber-jar - which apparently is recommended or required?