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Page Properties: Difference between "View Properties" and "EDIT > Open properties" Dialogs?


Level 2

The Page Properties dialog either disables properties or has missing property fields depending on HOW I access the page properties...

  • Select any page and click View Properties button. This shows a page properties dialog in the same window.
    • Examine the tabs and fields available. In my instance, the UPLOAD THUMBNAIL button is present in this view.  
    • The path to this dialog is "/mnt/overlay/wcm/core/content/sites/properties.html?item=PATH TO MY PAGE"
  • Select the same page and click EDIT, then "Open Properties".  
    • The shows page properties as a modal window.  
    • In this view, I have no UPLOAD button for the thumbnail.  The path to this dialog is "/path/to/my/template/dialog", not the "/mnt/overlay/wcm/core/...". 

What is the purpose of the two views for page properties? How do I ensure they show the same values in each view? 

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I am not sure if this is as designed. but i can see that in dialog box there is not button for uploading.

Workaround is on the same dialog box click the maximize icon on top right, it will show you the "/mnt/overlay/wcm/core/content/sites/properties.html?item=PATH TO MY PAGE" window.


I would request you to please create a daycare ticket for this.


Kautuk Sahni